The GoGo Brake Experience

Lifetime Warranty*

Our brakes come with a Lifetime Warranty. You can rest easy knowing your investment is covered, protecting your investment from defects.

Highest Quality

We offer packages to suit your specific needs. Ranging from Semi-metallic to Premium Ceramic We've got you covered. Our Brakes, Rotors and accessories are made to last using the best materials to ensure a comfortable, safe and squeak free ride.

Safety - Our Goal

Brakes don't last forever. A typical brake pad lasts around 25,000 miles. If you hear a squeal or feel grinding it's a good sign that your brakes are in need of some service. The key to avoiding costly repairs is servicing your brake system as soon as these signs occur.

Free Brake Inspections!*

You'd be surprised to find out how many times a brake system just needs to be cleaned or adjusted. Our brake Specialists will come to your location and give you a complementary brake inspection.

*Note - A $39 service call may be assessed for areas outside of 1604 area, or persons with no intention of doing business.


Our certified Brake Specialists are knowledgeable, friendly and not on commission. They don't replace parts or recommend services you don't need, creating a no pressure environment.

Great Price

No fancy buildings to pay for, no fancy equipment to rent. What does this mean for you? No large overhead so We don't have to charge a fortune for the same work as our competitors, saving you money. Ask us for a quote today.

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